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Alison Saunders and her pals should go to jail

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Scotland Yard has announced a ­review of all current rape and sex abuse investigations after a second trial collapsed in less than a week amid claims that police withheld crucial evidence. A review? There should be a criminal investigation, and mass arrests, starting with Alison Saunders. Men who are clearly innocent have been arrested, and […]


Hector’s Quote of the Day

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For in Colditz, escape planning had itself become a highly elaborate process, with escapes being planned and scheduled many months ahead by a multi-national Escape Committee which in some ways prefigured the EU in Brussels. Frank Davis, talking about how plans become prisons.  


Anti-communists should stop talking like this

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The world’s most heinous tyranny was not an apparition or a deviation from Marxist ideals, Solzhenitsyn demonstrates; it was, rather, the inevitable consequence of expecting perfection from imperfect human beings. I see this way of criticising Marxism (or Leninism) a lot, and while there is defintely truth to it, I do not like the way […]


Dominic Grieve: whining traitor

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I have received death threats, and I blame the vitriol of the pro-Brexit media Dominic Grieve People on the right have been putting up with death threats for years. This happens openly on Twitter. When does The Guardian ever report this? And doesn’t it ever occur to Tories like Grieve that The Guardian only runs […]