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Reader book reviews — 7 Comments

  1. I bought it in kindle form quite a while ago.
    It was about when Tim Newman was putting his book out because I think it was your commenting at either his blog or David Thompson’s that led me to your blog and then to the book. I bought Tim’s book too and read them both at more or less at the same time.
    I read a lot of books but fiction rarely now. There was a switch from fiction to non-fiction through my thirties which I can’t put down to anything specific (I am 50).
    Anyway your book, I really enjoyed it. Not quite like my university experience but not unlike what it may have morphed into if I had hung around for more than my four undergraduate years and had done something other than engineering. In fact I have read it twice. This is not because I am some sort of obsessive fan but because it is an easy going and quite good fun read. Occasionally I need a break from the endless list of non-fiction and this sort of thing fits that bill. I will probably read it again in a couple of years time. I hope you write some more.
    (Also I enjoy your blog, but I am not the commenting type, just a silent lurker)

  2. Here’s a comment from From no-one I know:

    5 out of 5 stars

    —I hope he writes some more—

    A thoroughly enjoyable read that rolls along nicely.

    A humorous look inside the academia bubble by an author that has been there.

    Should appeal to normal people (i.e those that haven’t been to uni) and those that have but did crunchy subjects like physics, chemistry, maths, engineering, medicine, surveying etc (i.e non-waffle subjects), or indeed anybody that went to uni, graduated, then left for the real world wondering what those weirdos that stayed on get up to.

  3. Here’s another one from Amazon, also five stars (again, not someone I know):

    A very witty book about the machinations in a fictional university which, after a recent experience of returning to university, left me wondering how much is fiction and how much is non-fiction.

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