Hector Drummond is a novelist and a songwriter. He used to be an academic, and for part of his career he was based in a risk institute where he worked with several people who are now prominent in the lockdown debate. He was also the creator of the worldwide Skeptics in the Pub movement.

He is the author of The Biscuit Factory Vol. I: Days of Wine and Cheese, a modern campus satire. He has had numerous articles published in tedious academic journals with ludicrous names like American Journal of Research Letters in Philosophical Transactions (New Series), Whatchamacallit Quarterly, and Gigarenzaheinz. Well, that sort of thing, anyway. He’s also published a lot of articles in non-academic journals and magazines as well, including the New Criterion, Partisan Review, The Critic, The Australian’s Review of Books, The Skeptic. and Quadrant.

E-mail: hector at hectordrummond dot com.