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Just a quick note to say that I’ve added Patreon and Ko-Fi buttons to my page (on the right-hand sidebar), so if anyone is inclined to throw a bit of money my way just click on one of those. Obviously don’t feel obliged (as I’m sure you won’t). Actually the best way you can support […]


Hector article at the Conservative Woman

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I have a new article up at the Conservative Woman, entitled “The Telegraph Wimmin’s section – a fact-free zone”. It’s a shortened version of some of the blog posts I have recently been writing about the Women’s section at The Telegraph, namely these ones: The Telegraph’s Women’s section is an odious cesspit Claire Cohen: Ordinary […]


An Amazon review in

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Please forgive the self-promotion (which I don’t do much of), but it’s nice when your first Amazon review is a five-star one: I have no connection to the reviewer (who posted his review on the American Amazon site). So, er… how about you buy a copy? I’m also happy to send out free copies to […]


Comments welcome

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Just to make clear to readers, comments and discussion are very welcome on this blog. Feel free to criticise me or tear me apart. Being a former philosopher, I’m very used to argument and disagreement and enjoy it all. I have a thick skin. And I don’t want an echo-chamber, they’re boring. Unlike most modern […]