Boris Johnson

A new election should empower Boris… to wimp out

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I think that if we get an election, and the Conservatives (or a Conservative-Brexit Party coalition) win a clear majority, then we should rip up Johnson’s deal and start again. Tell the EU that’s everything’s changed, their deal – because it’s mostly been written by them – wasn’t acceptable to the British people, and if […]


LibDems with blue rosettes

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It’s telling, isn’t it, how easily someone can be a Conservative MP one day, and a Lib Dem MP the next? No change of beliefs is needed. No change of mindset. The MP carries on exactly as before, saying the same things. One could also imagine such people joining New Labour, before the Corbynites took […]


LibDem mania?

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The LibDems, until recently as useless as ever, will be getting all excited about this poll: Westminster voting intention: LDem: 24% (+6)Brex: 22% (+4)Con: 19% (-5)Lab: 19% (-5)Grn: 8% (+2) via @YouGovChgs. w/ 17 May — Britain Elects (@britainelects) May 30, 2019 They may be thinking that they can replace Labour as the prime left-of-centre […]