Frances Wilson: Franz Schubert – composer for corona times

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This is an article by Frances Wilson. Frances is a pianist, music PR, writer and blogger on classical music and pianism as The Cross-Eyed Pianist. Website: Twitter: @crosseyedpiano Schubert…..makes tears catch at the edge of my eyes; such fragile hope, such powerful emotions. Ian McMillan, poet (via Twitter) I was reminded of Ian McMillan’s […]



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It might seem strange to celebrate Neil Peart’s life with a video that features an animation of him, rather than the real thing, but it’s a brilliant animation that really highlights his drumming skills. (And it’s one of the classic Rush tracks. Never liked anything they did after the 80s.)   Share this article on […]


The Brexit Memorial Home

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A little Friday afternoon fun: The Brexit Memorial Home (with apologies to Roger Waters) Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere And build them a home, a little place of their own The Brexit Memorial Home for Incurable Remainers and Lords They can appear to themselves every day On closed circuit TV To make sure they’re […]


Debussy’s ‘Sunken Cathedral’ and Satie’s ‘Ogives’

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Philip Hensher in The Spectator wonders about Debussy being apparently devoid of influences: Hardly anything in Debussy’s work is obviously indebted to a predecessor. The hunt for influences on him is a favourite game of musicologists because it is so perverse; once you have mentioned Mussorgsky in the first orchestral nocturne and Wagner’s Parsifal in […]