The ‘Fuck Off and Die’ list

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The title explains it all, really. Who should be on it? The following is hardly definitive, but it’s a start. Add who you want in the comments.   THE FUCK OFF AND DIE LIST In no particular order Corbyn’s Labour (obvious, yes, but we can hardly leave them out) May’s Conservatives Hillary, Bernie, and the […]


If media types think the past is a bad place then why do they all want to live there?

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If you took a read through last weekend’s Sunday Times Best Places to Live in 2018 supplement, you’d be forgiven for thinking something was awry. Because what the writers seem to think counts as a good place to live in ultra-modern 2018 is a traditional middle-class, somewhat old-fashioned but upmarket village, with lots of white […]

Deep State

There is a UK deep state…

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and it’s possibly worse — in the sense of more entrenched — than the US deep state. I’ve watched the establishment get taken over by the progressive left for twenty-odd years now. It was never going to end well. Recent events, such as the demonisation of anyone who criticizes Islam, the pushing of open borders, […]


Raedwald’s updated ‘Birkenhead Drill’

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Great post from Raedwald yesterday, where he proposes an updated version of the Birkenhead drill, which basically means ‘women and children first’ in a sinking ship, or in a similar emergency. The new list reads as follows: ORDER OF EVACUATION 1. Persons with protected characteristics in the following order – LBGT BAME female – LBGT […]