Some news items of interest

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Catching up with some news items I’ve meaning to bring you. Accusation that five members of Joe Biden’s family have benefited through him: one particular politician — Joe Biden — emerges as the king of the sweetheart deal, with no less than five family members benefiting from his largesse, favorable access and powerful position for […]


The brave man bravely comes out in his brave fight against something that requires bravery to even talk about

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The Telegraph reprints another piece of social activism disguised as journalism: Christopher Eccleston has been praised for raising awareness after speaking out about his long battle with anorexia and how he once contemplated suicide. Literally half the article consists of praise for Eccleston for doing this: The actor has been praised by fans, with many […]


Raedwald’s updated ‘Birkenhead Drill’

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Great post from Raedwald yesterday, where he proposes an updated version of the Birkenhead drill, which basically means ‘women and children first’ in a sinking ship, or in a similar emergency. The new list reads as follows: ORDER OF EVACUATION 1. Persons with protected characteristics in the following order – LBGT BAME female – LBGT […]


Has the pincer movement started?

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I’ve gone on before about how the leftists’ long march through various institutions is giving them a lot of power (see, for example, this piece). Sooner or later we’re going to see a ‘pincer movement’. Or a multiple pincer movement, where the police, the media, the civil service, the Home Office, social media, tame corporations, […]


Place(wo)men in action

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Here’s a minor confirmation of my thesis in my recent Comment Central article ‘Social media and the place(wo)men’, that there is a symbiotic relationship between social media SJW outrage-mongers and the progressives who have got themselves into positions of power in multiple institutions, the latter being ready to receive complaints from the former and act […]



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In times gone past I could have easily condemned the Poundland tweets for being unnecessarily crude and not family-friendly. But after years of humourless leftist hectoring and soft Stop Funding Hate-style fascism all we can do is applaud them. Well played sirs, well played. You’ve made the SJWs look like idiots, while getting them to […]