TiVo politics

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TiVo, or Sky+ in the UK, allows you to bypass the crap that TV channels mostly offer up, and create your own channel. It must be twenty years since anyone sat down and watched the same channel all night. (Personally, I never did that, but I remember that plenty of people used to.) Everyone now […]


No, I will not just ignore what Jo Brand said

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There are  lot of libertarians on the internet at the moment saying ‘We have to have free speech, so leave Jo Brand alone, just as we should leave Danny Baker and Count Dankula alone. Stop being a right-wing snowflake, butt out, and let people say what they want’. (See, for example, most of Spiked’s tweets […]


‘I’m a Guardianista, Get Me Out Of Here!’

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Idea for a new game show that I’ve just sent to ITV: ‘I’m a Guardianista, Get Me Out Of Here!’ Guardian and BBC journalists are taken to the Australian outback. (They will be taken against their will, because in the ultimately free society everyone does the right thing voluntarily.) In the outback they are given […]