Free speech

Ancient history

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As we know, many people have their political opinions frozen in time when they’re young, and it’s almost impossible to change them. A case in point is Tom Harris: How on earth did we get to a point where the fight for freedom of expression is one that is owned entirely by the Right-wing of […]



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Here we have a silly piece on Erasmus by a student. First of all she complains about how much slacker her British University was than the Danish one she went to. In Denmark, my classmates called out, engaged in debates and challenged the course content. They even challenged our professors for not including scholars from […]


Reasons not to be a tiger mum

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Anonymous pushy mother in the Telegraph: since Connor started his A levels, I’ve turned into one of those terrible ‘tiger mums’, micromanaging him 24/7. He goes to a good state comprehensive and hopes to study geography at university Geography? Why are you bothering? Social media


It’s like the government telling the Tax Office that it’s bad for taxing people

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The UK government likes to give the impression that it’s on the side of the students when it comes to the matter of crap Universities doling out worthless degrees that don’t advance the career prospects of the students on the course. The government is now demanding that University departments display the stats on graduate employment […]