Ever feel like a second-class citizen in your own country?

You can’t go to the local pub any more. You can’t go around to your brother’s place to play XBox any more. You can’t even go to PC World to buy a webcam so you can desperately try to keep your business from going bankrupt. Your life has been shut down. Freedom is easily taken away from you, on the basis that possibly some bad things might happen according to some speculative (and empirically unsupported) computer models that some doom-mongering scientists have come up with.

Yet tourists from China, Iran and Italy can still come into the country. God forbid their human rights are infringed. Their human rights take precedence over any possible bad consequences:

Could there be any more of a dramatic illustration of how the British native ranks lower in his or her own country than foreigners? You can barely leave your house, yet visitors from other countries are waved through Heathrow without even as much as a temperature check.

The British government and the chattering classes have spent years being obsessed with the human rights of foreigners. People from other countries who come into Britain illegally are treated with kid gloves. Economic migrants are given money and housing, and protected from criticism by the Establishment. Any criticism that this policy might have bad results in the future is shut down as racist. Human rights take precedence over any possible bad consequences.

But it’s not human rights in general that the Establishment is concerned with. It’s only the human rights of migrants and refugees that they care about. They don’t care about the rights of the British natives. Hence, they’re perfectly happy to take away a whole raft of your supposed rights over a somewhat nasty virus. But that virus somehow isn’t nasty enough to make them want to stop people from virus-ridden countries from coming here. Some rights are more equal than others.

Migrants and refugees belong to an elevated class in the eyes of the chattering classes. I see so many academics who tweet about them all the time. They’re like a talisman. ‘How we treat migrants and refugees tells us what sort of society we are’ is the general line. You get this in churches too. The natives, however, are a completely different story. The Establishment doesn’t care about them. It despises them. The only time they’re mentioned is when they’re being slagged off. The establishment would gladly replace them all by foreigners if they could, especially the magical refugees, who are special, mystical people from fairy land.

Consider this recent story. Switzerland finally enacted some travel bans recently (yes, even Sweden has gone there, while we haven’t). But guess who was exempt from this? Yes, that’s right:

However, the Swedish government pointed out on its website that people “In need of international protection” are still welcome despite the risks, which includes migrants.

The migrants still have their protected status. Cornavirus is, like, bad and all, but we don’t want to be coming across as racist or anything. You eating out isn’t worth the risk that it might possibly cause an elderly person at death’s door to die slightly before their time, but Wuhan Wonnie coming to visit his relatives in Leicester is totally worth the risk.

Ask yourself this. We know that Boris Johnson isn’t really that keen on lockdowns and restrictions, but he was under tremendous pressure from other European countries and the chattering classes and the Twitterati to copy the Europeans and lock us all down in a police state, and eventually he fell into line. He wasn’t strong enough to stand up to that lot.

But those European countries also now have travel bans in place. Yet the UK doesn’t. Johnson felt he had to copy the lockdowns, but not the travel bans. Why is that? The reason is that there is no pressure on him to do that, so he didn’t. Why is there no pressure? Because the British establishment and the chattering classes don’t like travel bans. They’re racist, aren’t they? Suddenly the Covid-19 crisis isn’t such a crisis that we need to start sounding like Nigel Farage. Even the supposed right-wing media paid little attention to the fact that planes from all over the world are still coming to Heathrow and Gatwick. I couldn’t find any stories about this a few days ago, even though I searched for ages. I had to use Skyscanner, and the Heathrow arrivals information, to see for myself. And finally the Daily Mail noticed. (Now that the lockdown has happened, a travel ban may finally be on the cards, as the inconsistency and double standards may start to seem too much, and the Twitter and media conservatives who also freaking out about coronavirus may finally get their turn at influencing the government.)

In summary, the Guardianistas are overjoyed (for now) that their longed-for police state is finally here, but they still want free movement of people. By which they mean foreigners coming and going as they please, you fleeing the country (good riddance), but not you going to a park for some fresh air.

As Kurt Schlichter is always saying, ‘Leftists hate you and want you dead’. Unfortunately for us, this is true.

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  1. “Switzerland finally enacted some travel bans recently ”

    From context, I’m guessing that should be Sweden? 😉


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