Week 35 graphs from Christopher Bowyer

New Covid-19 graphs from Christopher Bowyer. ONS data here. NHS England data here. (The ONS data is up to the end of week 35, 28 August. The NHS data is generally more recent, see each graph for the date.)

All graphs can be clicked to enlarge.


England deaths with Covid-19 by absence (yellow) or presence (green) of a pre-existing condition. Data from NHS England.



Percentage of deaths with Covid-19 by pre-existing condition. (95% have one or more P.E.C.) NHS England data.


Note that the most common pre-existing conditions are diabetes, followed by dementia, chronic pulmonary disease, and chronic kidney disease.


Trendlines (7-day average) for Covid-19 deaths by England NHS region, by date of death. (Note that the numbers in the grey area may increase over the next few days.) NHS England data.



England and Wales total deaths with Covid-19, by detailed age range. ONS data.



ONS England and Wales Covid-19 deaths as a proportion of all deaths registered that week.



ONS England and Wales weekly all-cause deaths compared with the five-year average.



Note that all-cause deaths are, for the third week in a row, significantly above the five-year average for those weeks, despite Covid-19 deaths now being negligible. Heatwave deaths can’t be the explanation of all these.


England and Wales weekly Covid and non-Covid care home deaths. ONS data.



England and Wales weekly Covid and non-Covid deaths at home. ONS data.



Hospital deaths for England and Wales. ONS data.


Concerning the last three graphs, Christopher writes:

I discovered that the ONS 5yr average deaths by place stats I had found are not the same as they’re using for their bulletins https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/deathsregisteredweeklyinenglandandwalesprovisional/latest#deaths-registered-by-place-of-occurrence so I have downloaded the data from the bulletin instead.  This will change the deaths at home/hospital/care home graphs a bit from previous weeks, but will lead to improved accuracy.


NHS England hospital Covid-19 deaths each day, latest reported figures, with 7-day moving average trendline.



All Covid, hospital Covid, and non-hospital Covid deaths in England each day, with 7-day moving average trendlines.


A close-up of this graph, looking at recent weeks.


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6 thoughts on “Week 35 graphs from Christopher Bowyer

  1. Christopher, Thank you

    …all-cause deaths are, for the third week in a row, significantly above the five-year average for those weeks, despite Covid-19 deaths now being negligible

    Closed NHS and Lockdown deaths. We’ll soon be at more deaths due to this Gov’t idiocy than ‘with’ Covid-19, yet Gov’t keeps digging


    “Schoolboy Johnson’s lies keep getting bigger
    Imagine a naughty schoolboy afraid to admit what started as a minor misdeed. Such a schoolboy, having broken the headmaster’s window with his catapult, and trying to evade punishment, might invent a story about a gang of yobs bursting into the school grounds.

    So the police are called and he deepens the falsehood. The longer it goes on, the more embarrassing it will be to confess. Innocent people are rounded up, arrested and charged on the basis of his claims.

    He gives false evidence against them. They lose their freedom, perhaps have their lives ruined. The lie is now even worse…….”

  2. I went back and looked at the version of the first graph from Week 25, and subtracted the data from the current version to get an incremental picture. The age profile of deaths in the past 10 weeks is essentially identical to the first 25 weeks. However, the proportion of deaths solely due to the virus with no co-morbidities has fallen from 4.74% to 3.28% – just 69% of the previous level . Treatment appears to be improving, particularly for those 70+. Co-morbidity is even more the main risk.

  3. Great graphs, Mr. Bowyer. Thank you!

    The graph that screams for action is the one showing that the proportion of deaths listed as “with” Covid has dropped over the last 5 months from 39% to about 1% . Problem over! When 99% of people who die each week are dying from causes other than Covid, it is time to move on — do something to help the 99%.

    This is so obvious that one wonders what is going through the minds of our “Lock the Peons Down” Betters?

  4. I am a relative newcomer to this site and like the way the data is set out simply, it’s and easy to read and understand. Thank you and well done. One of my go to sources of information. Why isn’t this stuff published in MSM?

  5. @Gavin
    Yes, ONS finally making it clearer
    Flu and Pneumonia Have Killed More People Than Covid Since June

    It becomes worse
    All the positive tests could easily be False Positives

    SAGE Knows All About the False Positive Rate – but Ignores It
    “…to take the week ending August 26th, the total tests were 452,679 out of which 6,732 were positive. The positives were 1.487% which is well within the estimated false positive range of 0.8-4% so they could all be false positives!

    Then I found another paper by said Carl Mayers of NHS England which was apparently submitted to SAGE meeting 41 (June 11th)

    There is a table on page 6 of the document (see below) which shows that at low prevalence of Covid the majority of positive tests are expected to be false positives. So at a prevalence of 0.1% they expect 209 positives of which 200 will be false positives and 1% prevalence 288 positives of which 198 are false positives….”

    MSM signed up to Gov’t Project Fear C-19 in mid March – Delingpole at Breitbart reported it. Spectator, DM and Telegraph opinion columnists mostly like here. BBC, C4 etc brand us “Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists” – see Mr Church’s Witch/Heretic article

    Excellent – Lord Sugar lays into msm & Gov’t big tme

    Lord Sugar Clashes With Phillip Over COVID News Coverage
    “Lord Sugar has declared lockdown officially over and has already brought his Amshold Group staff members back to their offices and he believes the rest of the country should follow suit”

    Piers’ Message For People Not Taking Rise In Coronavirus Cases Seriously
    Piers Moran hysterical fear over this

    Real cases “With” of <150 pd in England (60 million people) – nothing. We do take it Seriously, and if you did you would be attacking Gov't instead of easy consensus option of stoking bed-wetting

  6. Important

    If you haven’t responded to this Government consultation on the roll out of a Covid vaccine, you probably should, particularly if you’re a scientist. It begins: “COVID-19 is the biggest threat this country has faced in peacetime history…” and it’s all downhill from there.

    To give you a taste of what it is the Government is “consulting” about doing, read the section on liability.

    The deadline for responding is September 18th

    I’m all in favour of self/parental administration of Flu vaccine – done it since 1989. Health “profession” against to preserve their image, jobs and ‘magic’

    Page 5
    New regulation 247A
    14.After regulation 247 (exemption for supply in the event or in anticipation of pandemic disease) insert
    “Protocols relating to coronavirus and influenza vaccinations and immunisations

    (1) Regulations 214, 220 and 221 do not apply to the supply or administration of a medicinal product
    – (a) for parenteral administration; and
    – (b) used for vaccination or immunisation against coronavirus or influenza virus (of any type)

    Yes, yes, yes

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