Blowin’ in the wind

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Never let it be said that this blog only attacks the left. Consider the story of Tristan Morgan, the folk-singing neo-Nazi who almost incinerated his own head while he was trying to burn down a synagogue in Exeter in 2018 (human torch action at 1:16): Mind you, if he’s a neo-Nazi then he’s probably better […]


Would you select him for your party?

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The Guardian: Tories are prejudiced against Islam, says council candidate Why is Islam a protected religion? Would there be any controversy if a political party didn’t like scientologists? Wouldn’t it in fact be a scandal if that political party was selecting scientologists? And why should a political party with a certain set of beliefs be […]


Angry old men with pink cheeks

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Leftist reasoning in action: Political journalist, Adam Bienkov, fired back saying there was no “disadvantage to being an angry old man with pink cheeks”. He tweeted: “No ‘gammon’ is not a racial slur. “Nobody has ever been abused in the street, denied service or threatened with deportation because they’re an angry old white man with […]