Soap-opera science

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Here’s a remarkable story that no-one in the media or social media has picked up on (although you can bet that everyone in the field knows). So we have two epidemiological teams, one at Imperial, and one at Oxford, with differing ideas about Covid-19. The Imperial team, led by Prof. Neil Ferguson, is the team […]


Modern life is rubbish

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The untold billions put into useless climate change research has diverted resources away from real sciences like virology and immunology. That money could have been put towards solving real problems. Jeff Bezos recently gave 10 billion dollars to ‘fight’ climate change. All money down the drain. The modern world is insane. Social media


Apparently naughty fun has an evolutionary ulterior motive. Who knew?

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Judith Woods continues her downhill slide, bemoaning the fact that it’s been discovered that the clitoris plays a role in reproduction: Apparently the clitoris (incidentally the word is derived from kleitoris, originally Greek for door-keeper) has an important reproductive function too. When it is stimulated (sorry, getting a bit graphic, Lady Violet) it triggers internal […]


Surveys by twits

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Quite a few of my readers don’t like social media, and don’t use it. Lucky buggers. One of the idiot things you miss out on is surveys. What happens is Mr Flat Earth does a poll, saying ‘Do you believe the Earth is flat or spherical?’ Mr Flat Earth’s followers, 99% of whom believe in […]


Japanese knotweed can’t be cured by… the chemicals the state hasn’t yet banned

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Japanese knotweed cannot be cured, a major study which tried 19 methods over three years has found. Researchers from Swansea University conducted the world’s biggest ever study into eradicating the invasive weed at two sites in Taff’s Well, near Cardiff, and in Swansea. But despite using various chemical solutions, physical projects and a mixture of the two, the […]