Bang bang, lie down, you’re dead

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This is actually a good idea: German soldiers used broomsticks painted black instead of guns during a joint Nato exercise last year due to severe equipment shortages, it has emerged.   The incident took place during exercises for Nato’s rapid response force, formed in reaction to the Ukraine crisis, which is supposed to be ready […]


21st century kit

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An Andrew Neil beration: They sent the German army into the Atlantic NATO exercise with broomsticks for guns. I don’t think Andrew understands that using broomsticks instead of guns is going to be the policy of the new EU army. It’s safe, sensitive, and causes far less deaths. Update: Perry de Havilland of the famous […]


Bill Speakman, you did well

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You may have seen the articles about Korean war hero Bill Speakman dying of old age recently. The amazing stories about him brought to mind the following joke: ——————————– Little Suzy, little Joni, and Little Johnnie are asked to tell a story about their family, and to draw a moral from it. Little Suzy says, […]