John Church:  Calling BS

This is an article by John Church. John is an oil and gas professional and has spent some 30 years working for one of the biggest oil companies in the world.

I have had enough. After nearly 3 months of this, I am going to call it for what it is: TOTAL AND UTTER NONSENSE. I cannot watch any news programme anymore, given the 24/7 monochromal pseudo-emotion that is all we ever see. After twenty minutes of tear-jerking stories about how this or that elderly relative has passed away, there is an afterthought mention of the fact that mass unemployment looms. I’m not doubting that it’s emotional for the relatives, but it isn’t and it shouldn’t be for the other 67 million of us, many of whom have lost or will soon lose their jobs.

And then it’s announced that we all have to wear masks in public and will be criminals if we pop out for a newspaper whilst serving our mandatory fourteen-day post-travel quarantine. And like muppets we just swallow it, whilst reading the papers full of pictures of mass, non-socially distant BLM protests. What the hell is that about? Either we are facing a health crisis so severe we have had to be imprisoned for three months (an unprecedented response to a disease by the way), or it’s okay to mill around in London with tens of thousands of others. It can’t be both. And it isn’t.

There is an unholy axis of blind incompetence between our dysfunctional government, the child-like so called ‘expert scientists’, and the hysterical bedwetters who still have the gall to call themselves news reporters. It’s like a three-way intellectual masturbation contest over arcane and unintelligible concepts like the R factor, with nobody actually able to point at the naked emperor and say the bleeding obvious: that the two-metre rule is absurdly useless and will destroy this country. We have all become hostages in some kind of dystopian version of Stockholm syndrome, very ironic given this seems to be one of the few places that has managed to keep its marbles. [HD: Alistair Haimes now owns the copyright to this joke.] We are utterly terrified of something utterly vanilla, at least compared to heart disease and cancer. I am calling it: this disease is not dangerous.

We cannot open schools because we are panic stricken, yet out of the two-hundred all-cause deaths of primary school-aged children so far this year, only two have died of (or with) Covid-19. Only two! Why is this not on the front page? Yes, it can kill the elderly, but let’s face it – what doesn’t? 180,000 of us over the age of 80 have died this year so far, but only 27,000 out of that unexceptional number are because of (or with) Covid-19. And almost all of them (95%) had serious health issues. For the vast majority of us, all those in healthy middle age or all those in the prime of youth, we have more chance of dying tripping up on the stairs. This disease quite simply is not dangerous.

And yet we hear the triple axis pontificating about how we ‘must avoid the catastrophic second wave’. I am calling it – this is total BS! Why the hell should we be worried about a second wave? Please. They haven’t even managed to find one of those nitwit scientists and roll out an expert ‘catastrophic second wave model’. Has anyone ever seen one? They are telling us to be scared of this, while totally ignoring the basic facts:

1. We never even had a catastrophic first wave. The special hospitals are unused and the NHS never reached critical care capacity.

2. 40,000 deaths is still only half of the estimates of the UK death toll from the 1968-69 Hong Kong flu epidemic, which nobody even remembers. And we have far more elderly people nowadays.

3. Having killed thousands of people in care homes by the murderous incompetence of deliberately seeding them with Covid-19, maybe we will have learnt NOT TO DO THAT.

4. We are all behaving differently in terms of handwashing and social greetings. And masks. Good luck to any aspiring viruses.

5. Many people in this country, especially in high-density urban centres have already had it, so provide a buffer to future infection spreads.

6. We now know for sure: children do not fall ill, and are unlikely to spread it. It is ridiculous that they are not back in school.

7. There is nowhere in the world that shows infections continuing to rise exponentially after 20% of a population is infected, even in dense urban centres. The smart money on this is that there are many of us that are naturally resistant. But regardless of the reason, is it any surprise they can’t find anybody to test potential vaccines on in Britain? And yet all our pubs and restaurants are going to go bust. Because you can’t run a pub if everyone needs four square meters!

8. Our vitamin D levels are all higher, especially given the sunshine we have had. We won’t have low vitamin D for another six months. And please don’t say we need to be imprisoned until then, just in case.

9. Sweden didn’t even have a lockdown, and they have only three-quarters of the per capita deaths we have had. Duh!

What the hell is Boris talking about when he says we have to prevent a catastrophic second wave? It is a total fantasy. We have more chance of seeing The Second Coming. You don’t need to be an effing ‘expert’ to see this is total and utter garbage. It is bullshit.

Boris. FFS, stand up and be the man we voted for. SET YOUR PEOPLE FREE.

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20 thoughts on “John Church:  Calling BS

  1. Mr. Church, you are not alone.
    But, with a captive, locked-down audience, no main stream media will ever admit what, to many, many people, not least yourself, appears to be the truth of the matter.

  2. I think this quote by George Carlin sums up humanity, or at least most societies:

    “When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show.”

  3. Mr Church, you are correct.
    I have this nagging doubt that things will not return to normality until after the US November elections.

  4. Those of us who are old enough will remember the happy days when young women would get together and burn their bras to demonstrate their independence from the Evil Male Hierarchy.

    Why not invite several thousand pissed-off people to assemble outside Imperial College, London and burn their masks? And if the mob decides to set up a trendy hashtag (eg, #Normal Lives Matter) and burn down Imperial College too, they might get some sympathetic coverage from the usual suspects at the BBC.

  5. After twenty minutes of tear-jerking stories about how this or that elderly relative has passed away, there is an afterthought mention of the fact that mass unemployment looms. I’m not doubting that it’s emotional for the relatives, but it isn’t and it shouldn’t be for the other 67 million of us

    Absolutely spot on. If I don’t know the dead person/family, it is sad for them, but not interested and don’t care. Politicians constantly trotting out “A tragedy, all our hearts go out…” grates even more as mine doesn’t their job is to put country above emotion

    I was against lockdown from beginning of March – C19 is akin to bad Flu

    Now, seven months in, global deaths ~450,000 is below 550,000 Ferguson said would die in UK It never was an epidemic or pandemic

    Meanwhile, Pols, MSM, public don’t care or panic about the ~1,670 who die every day in UK

    MSM is atrocious with their fear and distortion

    C4 Fake News today
    1) Newman to Lancet editor “You had to withdraw a report about Chloroquine/HCQ”
    Lancet editor ” Correct, but Dexamethasone seems to work”
    – Retracted report was denigrating Chloroquine/HCQ; but C4 news and Lancet present as if it was promoting
    – Report

    2) Rubber/Latex gloves PPE shortage, trees raped blah, blah, whine
    – Oh, that’s right, NHS, Dentists, Mechanics, Decorators, Retail….. no longer use Latex gloves – they use Nitrile gloves and almost all pictured were Nitrile

    3) “Met Office Yellow Alert Weather warning: Thunderstorms tomorrow. Unlikely you’ll catch, but if you do there may be hail, rain and standing water”
    – catch? rain/hail/water dangerous? Whut?

    With leadership, you have to stand up, be brave and make tough calls, Boris Johnson is looking like one of the weakest leaders we have seen and someone who frankly, doesn´t fit the category of leader

    Johnson’s desire to be liked by all is rapidly backfiring as his grass-roots Conservative supporters desert him in ever increasing numbers for appeasing Left esp XR, Green, BLM, C19 derangement – yet Left still hate him

    He appeases again: an inquiry into black grievances – not enough scream Left. He’s chasing fools gold

    Leader? Boris absented himself from that when XR kicked off last year

  6. @JimW
    +1 Agree, but only if Trump ousted by worldwide Left collusion. Pres Xi must be loving this

    The MSM is pulling out all the stops to bring down the President
    – Media’s complicity in ginning up the racial divide

    “Trump Derangement Syndrome remains strong in the media”
    – Media raise the prospect of ‘needing military to force President Trump from office’

    Btw: ToL is???


  7. *What the hell is Boris talking about when he says we have to prevent a catastrophic second wave?*

    As Dr Wodarg claimed even before ‘lockdown’ ‘The emperor has no clothes’: significance of virus is political: a pretext for an almighty power grab on the part of officialdom / global capital, inaugurating something like the CCP Social Credit system: the surveillance of all aspects of life via digital technology. We’re already being discouraged from using cash under pretext of CV-19. Don’t imagine that because Boris & co are branded Conservative rather than Communist that they’re not capable of acting like communists. Boris himself is an uber-globalist with no loyalties greater than to his own advancement. By all accounts his opting for Leave was a calculation premised on ambition rather than principle. No different with CV-19 /BLM.

  8. Three months ago I was saddened to discover so many, friends and acquaintances I had thought level-headed, who had succumbed to fear and panic. I really thought the Great Panic could not last more than a few weeks. Now, I have gone beyond despair, I am angry to find myself in this fearful new world with so many stupid docile people in it.

  9. All you say is true, Mr Church, but may I suggest that you should instead be asking “cui bono?”.

    Here is a link to a recent interview with James Corbett. It is most instructive.

    They initiated something like this with Swine Flu. It was averted purely by chance. See here:

    In response to your article, let me say that this government has deliberately terrorised the people, enlisting the media. The tactics are documented in the minutes of SPI-B, a subgroup of the SAGE committee.

  10. An excellent article, which pretty much documents my own thoughts and frustrations: but what can be done to raise the profile of these views? Perhaps we should be looking at our own petitions and social media campaigns to get the lockdown lifted and children back into education!

  11. What a great article.. agree with every point. I think it has also exposed The PM. He is a strong leader on Brexit but apart from that he is wet and too hands off.

  12. All well said. Criminal the way they’ve persisted despite the lack of covid hospitalisations and evidently lethal effects of the lockdown. I hope there will be a mini ‘Nuremberg’ for the politicians, media and pathetic public health establishment

  13. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed– and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
    H. L. Mencken writer, editor, critic 1880-1956

  14. This virus came along at a very convenient time, the sweating dynamite financial situation of the Euro zone was going to result in a similar out come to what we are faced with now, it is a scapegoat.

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