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Christopher Bowyer is away so he isn’t able to do his usual graphs this week (except for the Vallance one I put up earlier), so I’ve done a few graphs myself from the figures at

First of all, here’s Covid positive ‘tests’ (ie. SARS-CoV-2 positive tests) vs Covid deaths for the UK.



And here’s the same positive ‘tests’ vs Covid daily hospital admissions for the UK.



All three together.


As can be clearly seen, the number of Covid ‘cases’, ie the SARS2 positive tests mean very little.

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6 thoughts on “Latest Covid graphs

  1. Would be great to overlay the number of test per day to see how much the rise in positive tests is down to increased testing.

  2. George Orwell’s theme in “1984” was that those who seek to control us have to control the language — changing meanings as required. “War is Peace”, etc.

    A “Case” has a well defined medical meaning. A case is a person who presents to a medical professional with signs & symptoms of a disease. Signs are things which the doctor can observe, such as the yellow coloration of skin & eyes associated with jaundice. Symptoms are things which a patient reports, such as stomach ache. A healthy person with no signs & symptoms who tests positive in what (as Hector has shown) is a rather complex subtle test is not a “case” in any meaningful medical sense.

    Even with all the huge expenditures on the CovidScam, there do not appear to be publicly available data identifying the true medical cases among the positive tests. We can guess from the ratio of hospital admissions to positive tests that the number of true Covid medical cases is rather small.

    No wonder the Usual Suspects are twisting the normal meaning of words — the better to keep what they call the “herd” frightened and pliable.

  3. I have looked at some data and some of the hospitalisation numbers in here I can’t believe –

    At 30th Sept in England:
    Total beds occupied -112,228
    Total beds occupied with Covid – 2,069 or 1.84% of capacity

    Total mechanical ventilator beds occupied – 2,702
    Total mechanical ventilator beds occupied with Covid – 285 or 10.55%

    Number of patients admitted with Covid on that day – 59
    Number of inpatients diagnosed with Covid (last 24 hours) – 231
    Number of confirmed Covid cases discharged from hospital (last 24 hours) – 236

    Entire month of September:
    Number of patients admitted with Covid – 1152
    Number of inpatients diagnosed with Covid (last 24 hours) – 4,206
    Number of confirmed Covid cases discharged from hospital (last 24 hours) – 3,170

    The full data is here –

    Basically, either people are catching Covid in hospital or the vast majority of cases being reported in hospital are not actually being admitted for Covid and failing a PCR test when being treated for something else. Either way, not good.

  4. @Gavin

    A “Case” has a well defined medical meaning. A case is a person who presents to a medical professional with signs & symptoms of a disease

    Spot on. Gov’t is repeatedly misusing words to increase fear – we’re living in a dystopian Lewis Carrol / Orwell country

    Hancock’s HoC lecture all based on falsehoods – Sweden does not exist

    Good pieces:

    This week Matt Hancock condemned experts who dared question lockdown. Now, after two of them embarrassingly exposed his basic errors, Prof Angus Dalgleish asks… How IS this petulant, shockingly ignorant minister still in a job?

    Based on his interviews with JHB, Kay Burley etc we’ve seen he does not understand figures, percentages, probabilities or anything beyond his PPE degree

    Has the Government Ditched SAGE for the WHO?

    No. They’re still imposing lockdowns

    What use is test, track, trace, isolate, lockdown? It doesn’t stop the virus. It lengthens the time these impositions impose on peoples health, liberty and personal, country and world economy

  5. @Graham
    Read and weep

    Liverpool is Always Short of Hospital Beds
    A shortage in ICU beds in Liverpool was making the news yesterday.

    However, what they don’t mention is that Liverpool ICUs are almost always operating at close to capacity during the autumn and winter. A reader dug these stats out from 2018 and 2019 from the Department of Health website.

    The underlying problem here is surely that our “world-beating” NHS has only 6.6 ICU beds per 100,000 people. That compares to 38.7 in Germany, 29.4 in the US and 11.6 in France. Maybe some of the obscene sums spent dealing with this confected crisis should go on that…

    Very true, every Autumn/Winter since 2010 (what happened in 2010?) BBC, C4 etc have been attacking Gov’t about NHS over-run.
    How many ICU beds and staff would the >£12 Billion pointless Track & Trace app & staff have paid for?

    Yes, asymptomatic or infected in “Envy of World” NHS

    How Many Hospital “Cases” Are Really Covid?
    “…NHS doctor: …Some patients present to hospital for a totally non-Covid reason – he mentions his wife having a caesarean section. On admission all patients are swabbed for Covid even if they have no symptoms and they are not likely to either. If the swab then comes back as positive, they are then listed in the Covid admission column. You can clearly see the problem with this

    Whilst in hospital, all patients are routinely swabbed at regular intervals. So, a patient can be admitted for example after a minor stroke. Swabbed on arrival – swab negative. During the stay in hospital, the patient will be swabbed every few days. Suddenly on, say, day eight, a swab comes back positive. Patient added to the Covid admissions column despite not having any symptoms and having contracted the infection while in hospital

    In summary, the headline figure broadcast of ‘patients admitted with Covid’ includes:
    – Patients who really are ill with Covid and need treatment
    – Patients who test positive but have no symptoms and are in hospital for an unrelated issue
    – Patients who arrived without Covid, but contracted it in hospital and may never have developed symptoms either

    Unfortunately, Gov’t refuse to tell us what percentage of the reported ‘admissions with Covid’ actually have symptoms…”

    Ignorant, inept, bullying Hancock needs sacked. Boris using him as a [future] scapegoat does not preclude sacking to halt damage to UK health & wellbeing the “Health & Care” secretary is causing.

    Fellow sycophant Gove sacked too along with “health” ministers ignorant Nadine Doris & useless, shallow Helen Whatley

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