How to be a Guardian tennis writer: 1) Check Billie Jean’s Twitter page. 2) That’s it.

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The Guardian gets the tennis world’s reaction to Serena Williams’ antics at the US Open 180 degrees arse-backwards, as usual: Tennis players past and present have rallied behind Serena Williams after she claimed the sport was riddled by sexism following an extraordinary on-court tirade at an umpire during the US Open women’s final. But the […]


Self-confessed shallow woman suddenly knows what’s good for all women after taking up running

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Some born-again runner called Helen Croydon is acting like most born-again types do: It might seem like an odd coupling: the glamorous, glossy, raunchy Rita Ora, rarely seen in a photograph without brows, lashes and lips painted to perfection; and… football. The singer and TV talent show judge is backing a campaign with UEFA to get more […]