Donations/possible comments section revisions

Couple of quick things. First, this site gratefully receives donations to help keep it going. It’s a full-time job doing this site and my Twitter, and I receive nothing from it except for what kind readers send my way. (I’ve had 36 000 page views in the last week, but I don’t run ads so that brings in nothing.) No time to write fiction at the moment.  So if you can spare a bob or two, there are Patreon and Ko-Fi links on the right sidebar, or else just treat yourself and buy my novel.

The second thing is that a regular reader and commentator has requested that I remove the ability to reply to individual comments in the comments section. He feels this means that little sub-conversations start which can be missed by everyone else. If you have any thoughts on this please respond in comments.

I do intend to to carry out some further redesigns on the whole site (and eventually I will have separate authors category), but at the moment Covid-19 is taking up all my time.

Thanks, Hector.

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4 thoughts on “Donations/possible comments section revisions

  1. I think it’s important that comments can be replied to. Also that the responses are juxtaposed with the original comment. That means relevant links are sensibly located.
    Any other way will either kill the ability to comment on comments, which will destroy debate, or it will give you a comments section like the Guardian where the responses are so far down the page they bear no relation to the comment they are addressing and become meaningless and annoying.

    I like the OffG’s format where the responses are offset in report form. Thus it’s easy to skip down to the next new comment if you’re not interested in the conversation. However, I appreciate that your website structure probably won’t permit this.

    While I’m here, I’d like to thank you for all your work and I shall now investigate the easiest option for me to give you a little financial support……

  2. Yes, remove the ability to reply to individual comments

    When I come back, page reloads where I left – end of comments. Only replies I see/read are new ones below

  3. I support Pcar. Remove the ability to reply to individual comments. Give the Comments section a linear format.

    The effect of that Reply button is to turn the Comments section from an informative debate into the babble of a cocktail party with separate conversations going on. It is not difficult for a commenter to paste in the name & relevant quote from the previous comment to which he is responding.

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