Early June graphs from Christopher Bowyer

Reader Christopher Bowyer has once again at the digital coalface making graphs, which he has sent to me. Some are based on NHS England data, and some on the ONS week 21 release.

(Bear in mind that ‘with Covid-19’ deaths includes any death where the deceased was suspected of having Covid-19, even if it was not thought to be the cause of death, so these numbers are probably inflated.)


First, NHS England deaths with Covid-19 by absence (yellow) or presence (green) of a pre-existing condition.


Next, percentage of deaths with Covid-19 by pre-existing condition. (95.13% have one or more P.E.C.) Data from NHS England.

Note that the most common pre-existing conditions are diabetes, followed by dementia, chronic pulmonary disease, and chronic kidney disease.



Covid-19 deaths in England by date of death, with 3-day moving average trendline (the thicker line). (Note that numbers in grey area will increase over the next few days.)


A graph of deaths with Covid-19 in England which occurred each day, by the delay in reporting. Thick line is overall daily announced deaths.


Trendlines (3-day average) for Covid-19 deaths by England NHS region, by date of death. (Note that the numbers in the grey area will increase over the next few days.)


Trendlines (3-day average) for Covid-19 deaths per million by England NHS region, by date of death. (Note that the numbers in the grey area will increase over the next few days.)


English daily deaths with Covid-19 by date of death. Blue line is all Covid deaths, red line is hospital Covid deaths, and green line is non-hospital Covid deaths.


Weekly cumulative deaths with COVID-19, by age range (ONS data).


Total deaths with COVID-19, by detailed age range (ONS data).


Care home deaths for England and Wales. Five-year average deaths are blue, Covid-19 deaths are red, and excess non-Covid deaths are green.


Weekly Covid and non-Covid deaths at home. Five-year average deaths are blue, Covid-19 deaths are red, and excess non-Covid deaths are green.


Weekly Covid and non-Covid deaths by place of death. ONS data.


Many thanks to Christopher for doing these once again.

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67 thoughts on “Early June graphs from Christopher Bowyer

  1. Wow! That graph of cumulative number of reported deaths by age is stunning. Politicians should look at that graph, and feel very very ashamed — especially those politicians who were dumping sick old people (untested) out of hospitals into care homes, to make way for the tidal wave of C-19 infections that did not arrive –and was never going to arrive.

    That graph makes it absolutely clear that our Best & Brightest had no idea what they were doing — and refused to adapt as more information became available. Maybe it is time to reconstitute the Nuremburg Trials?

  2. So…this is saying that more people died of non-Covid deaths than “with” Covid? “With” not “of”. Do we know how many died directly because of Covid? Is this because the NHS abandoned the sick to deal with Covid patients? Will we ever know the true figure of those who died because of Covid – if the management at homes were “guessing” that their residents had Covid – how can their deaths from Covid be proven? How many were ever actually tested positive and actually died BECAUSE of Covid? When I rang our local surgery – they stated that they weren’t taking “medical appointments”? What about their hippocratic oath? Shocking…

  3. Directly because of covid will be the first couple of graphs – deaths from covid with no pre-existing condition.

    Its a very small number.

  4. I’ve got a lot of time for this view, indeed it’s pretty obvious that the Government’s priority, as in all matters, will to cover their asses.
    But a big question for me is how one explains the spike in weekly deaths for England and Wales. This is weird. I’ve done the research and the analysis and could post the result but no poss of attaching the file.

  5. If we are being strictly accurate, no-one has died ‘of’ covid 19. They will have died from conditions such as pneumonia, or total organ failure brought about by the body’s immune system causing a cytokine storm (https://www.newscientist.com/term/cytokine-storm/#).
    Since we know so little about how and why the virus affects people in different ways, there remains the possibility that those whose death was attributed just to covid19 may well have had some genetic or other as yet unidentified ‘weakness’ which caused the virus to be lethal in their case. In other words it is possible that 100% of deaths occurred due underlying issues, and that covid19 was merely the vector which commenced the path to death.
    Even if that is true, we still need to look at the figures in the light of the surge in total deaths over and above the average death rate for this time of the year. They are a better measure of the impact of this pandemic and the government’s response to it.

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  7. I think many of us had our suspicions aroused by the clearly propagandized nature of MSM coverage of the initial stages of the ‘pandemic’, with the continuous quoting of scary numbers with no context.

    The wider historical context of all-cause mortality immediately destroys any narrative about the exceptional nature of this virus.

    Looking at a 27-year period from 1993/94, the past ‘infection’ season was only 8th in severity when ‘scary’ figures are put into context and adjusted for the 18% growth in population. (You would have thought that this sort of simple adjustment and analysis would be a given in a truly honest examination of data over time).

    A further feature is that the previous season (2018/19) had an exceptionally low level of mortality. This simple observation leads to the obvious inference that notably more older and vulnerable individuals survived into the following year, with proportionally more deaths accruing in 2019/20.

  8. I spent some time using the WHO tools for monitoring the worldwide ‘flunet’ reporting system. it seems that no matter which country you choose to review, all of them saw a very early end to this year’s flu season in week 13 (it usually ends between weeks 18 and 22). Week 13 is also about the time when there seems to be a ‘covid spike’ beginning. Yet, not all countries entered lockdown or imposed social distancing at the same time, so the flu reductions can’t be completely attributed to covid prevention measures. I just though it was a curious observation. The graph for the northern hemisphere is here – https://apps.who.int/flumart/Default?ReportNo=5&Hemisphere=Northern

  9. To Rick Hayward,

    Here is a piece I wrote about how the flu has been “disappeared” from the CDC’s record books this season.

    As the story of COVID 19 unfolds and demands every ounce of our attention another unique health event, anomalous and perhaps connected goes ignored. An event unprecedented in at least the last 20 years since these things have been detailed by the CDC, coinciding with the C19 event, the CDC quietly informed any who were paying attention that the common flu- both scourge and money-maker – has been disappeared from the United States.

    As the trend towards the usual gradual tapering began all of a sudden by Week 12 (March 21st) the ‘flu positive’ numbers dropped off a cliff. When one looks at the numbers from Week 10, 21.5%, to Week 12, 6.9%, we see an incredible drop off of 14.6% occurred. By Week 14 the ‘flu positives’ dropped to nearly non-existent – 0.8%. A quick glance to Week 9, 24.3%, and then down to Week 14’s all time record low of 0.8% shows a drop off of 23.5%.

    It’s important to note that while the 22,324 tests done in Week 14 represent a significant drop in tests done compared to earlier weeks in 2020 those numbers still represented the 2nd highest overall Week 14 test numbers done in the history of the CDC. Yet only 0.8% ‘flu positives’ this season when the average for the preceding 7 years was 12.5% for Week 14. Even given the circumstances this is a statistical anomaly that begs many questions. To consider just a few:

    Questions that demand answers

    How did such a terrible flu season suddenly disappear?

    In what column have those ‘flu positives’ been placed?

    What happened to all the other seasonal virii that afflict humans this time of the year? Where did they all go?

    After a 20 year run the CDC has stated that Flu View, it’s flagship offering, will no longer be offering such meticulous reports as they shift their focus to Covid. It would seem that the CDC has decided after all these years the flu has finally run its course.


  10. I had suspect C19 mid Feb brought from Italy by a friend. A range of the available symptoms BUT NO COUGH OR TEMPERATURE. Months shaking off residue especially tight chest.
    I’m 83 and was taking high dose C and D all Winter. For me, Bronchitis worse.

  11. Can someone simply explain why loads of doctors, nurses, bus drivers and other key workers where dying at such a rate? Was this happening before covid?

  12. I have not seen the figures showing that doctors, nurses, etc are dying at an unusual rate. A link and a comparison would be very helpful.

    Back when the media was ginning up panic, they did publish an article about all the NHS personnel who had died with Covid-19. Many of them turned out to be retirees who had been brought back to deal with the predicted over-load of C-19 patients. To put it bluntly, the NHS brought numbers of the people most at risk of C-19 (due to advanced age) and put them in hospital environments where the probability of being exposed to the virus was high. That might be a small part of any required explanation.

  13. Hi these graphs look really interesting and would like to share.

    Can you confirm the integrity of them by mentioning, possibly linking to the original source data.


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