Falling admission rates: Covid test result graphs from Christopher Bowyer (w34)

Hector Drummond Magazine reader and contributor Christopher Bowyer has done some more Covid-19 test result graphs. All data from coronavirus.data.gov.uk. (All graphs can be clicked to enlarge.)

First up we have the graph of daily Covid-19 positive tests (by specimen date), for England, with a 7-day average trendline (the thick line).  The data shown in the grey area may increase, as it takes a few days for all the test results to come in, especially over weekends.



A graph of English Covid-19 hospital admissions. You will notice that despite the media and government hype, these continue to fall closer and closer towards zero.



English Covid-19 hospital admissions per 1000 positive tests.


Christopher says:

The Covid hospital admissions per 1000 positive tests 7-day average rate has now (23rd August, last date before the grey area on the graph) fallen 87.5% since the peak on 23rd June, so the rate is exactly one-eighth of what it was two months ago! To give some actual figures, on the 23rd June there was a 7-day average of 382.9 admissions per 1000 positive tests (with 7-day averages of 676.1 cases and 254.7 admissions), and on 23rd August the 7-day average has fallen to 47.6 admissions per 1000 positive tests (with 7-day averages of 974.0 cases and 45.0 admissions).

(Note that this graph doesn’t include the very recent rise in cases in the last few days, but that will make the admission-per-1000 tests even lower, as hospitalisations haven’t increased in tandem with the increase in cases.)

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3 thoughts on “Falling admission rates: Covid test result graphs from Christopher Bowyer (w34)

  1. It is very frustrating. The media’s Operation Fear keeps focusing on “cases”, as if “cases” were a Bad Thing. Generally, “case” means that someone has been exposed to the virus and is now immune — a Good Thing. More “cases” mean we are getting closer to population immunity. Also, the number of “cases” is a function of the number of tests run — do more tests, get more “cases”.

    But if the media focused instead on actual deaths — well, the whole Covid Scam might collapse.

  2. @Gavin
    Gov’t and msm virtually ignoring deaths and hospitals/NHS now – no mention of deaths on C4 News today.

    It’s all distorted use of “Cases” and by innumerate/lying politicians and journos

    In the world of infectious diseases, it has been accepted that a ‘case’ represents someone with symptoms, usually severe symptoms, usually severe enough to be admitted to hospital

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