Caroline Flack and the CPS

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Apparently Caroline Flack’s death is the fault of the CPS: Caroline Flack: Crown Prosecution Service under fire for ‘dogged pursuit’ of TV star over domestic abuse charges I agree that the CPS probably should have dropped the case when the man involved said he didn’t want to pursue it. But I don’t really buy the […]


Comedy Unleashed review

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I travelled to London on Tuesday to visit Comedy Unleashed (at the Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green), as my new mate Toby Young was performing. (This is going to be a name-dropping review, can’t really avoid that, so let’s get started with it.) Also, I’d been wanting to go for ages as it’s a […]


Don’t say the BBC isn’t for everyone

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BBC’s Pidgen English newspage is not supposed to be the sort of thing you laugh at, but it’s hard not to: After female sex robot ‘Harmony’ enter market last year, male sex robot deh laboratory and e go fit enter market later dis year.   Matt McMullen CEO, for Realbotix company weh e di make […]


Comedy Unleashed tonight

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I’m going to Comedy Unleashed in London tonight. It’s going to be fab, not least because Toby Young is making his stand-up debut. You can’t go, though. Why not? Because it’s sold out, that’s why. But you should go another month. I will report on it, but it looks like it’s a great night, and […]


If only comrade Stalin knew

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The Telegraph pleads: Boris and Javid must kill these ridiculous, unconservative tax plans   It is starting to feel as if Treasury mandarins have forgotten who won the election. They have been busy in the past few weeks dusting off every absurd anti-Tory and anti-supply side idea cooked up by Left‑wing think tanks and technocrats […]

Free speech

The Free Speech Union

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I’m going to be part of the Free Speech Union. It’s going to be a proper Union with legal representation for its members. There will also be lots of talks and events. I encourage you all to join up, it’s where the official fightback starts. Here’s the director, Toby Young, talking about it to Free […]



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Here’s an article extraordinary for its lack of self-knowledge. The first half contains a degree of sneering against ordinary Leavers that even the Guardian might consider a bit over the top: Parliament Square was a knuckle-dragging carnival of irredeemable stupidity   What makes Britain’s independence day different from those that have gone before it that its […]

Cancel culture

Inventor of cancel culture gets cancelled

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More leftism-easting-itself on display in the Alastair Stewart case: We were both members of the National Union of Students executive and marched shoulder to shoulder on demonstration after demonstration.   We even ventured behind the Iron Curtain to meet communist student leaders, where I discovered that, even if he wasn’t the full Red Menace, Al […]